“How to Disappear Completely” by David Bowick

This is definitely not chick lit. This is life’s drama in all its ordinary-ness yet crazy and even gore.

It’s not a thriller. Definitely not a suspense. So when I said gore, don’t think of murders. This novel was definitely a nice breather from all the chick lit I’ve been reading.

Chick lit is defined on Wikipedia as a “genre fiction which addresses issues of modern womanhood.” Well, I guess it is a common and serious dilemma among women how in the world they’re gonna get married to some freaking rich billionaire with just-fell-from-heaven-gorgeous looks and a perfectly hot bod who’d sweep the love-of-her-life off her feet. Preferably a musician celebrity, today’s choice as a modern Prince Charming.

Honestly though, I loved how realistic the story was. If finding out how small the world really is isn’t real for you, then I think you haven’t gotten to know your world very well yet. And the story isn’t simple. It shows how complicated real life can be, even if it’s a made-up one.

I just found all the similes and metaphors annoying. It was really enjoyable in the beginning, especially with numerous nicknames he had for that dog. When it got to the end, though, it just seemed like rambling.

Another thing, which I think sets this book apart from most that I read, is it’s not inspiring. It’s not preaching. It’s not shoving any lesson down your throat. It’s just a plain good read.

All-in-all, I’d recommend this if you want something easy, fun, and without all the fairy tale elements.


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