Commonly described among many websites as a mineral with a milky pink color. It’s thought to grant the wearer/bearer of the stone self-forgiveness, acceptance and emotional healing. I don’t believe it can grant me anything except a reminder to forgive myself  and accept. Accept people. Accept me. So I decided to name myself after the said stone. This blog records my thoughts and experiences as I make my journey through life, trying to find myself, trying to be myself, and trying accept myself.

Scarlet Ink.

Most people don’t know and probably don’t remember that I used a pen with red ink, preferably in a bright shade, when I wrote, particularly with poems since those usually requested from me were about love. I found the use of that shade of color a nice fit. Red is associated with love, with the heart. And when I wrote, though it might not have been about neither my own experiences nor feelings, my heart was always there.


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