“Circumstances don’t make you, they reveal you.”

That was the message I got from this Facebook app, called God Wants You to Know.

Jeff Goins, in his book called Manifesto for Misfits, said “Most people don’t know who they are.”

Would it be wrong if I said…I think I’m scared to know who I am?

Maybe it’s because of the expectations I’ve set for myself? Or the expectations that I expect others are expecting which I expect to meet? Or, to be more exact, I’m expecting to fail to meet these unexpected expectations?

I told myself my word for 2014 would be Commitment.

One word to be my simple rule throughout the year. Yet here I am, having agreed to do a lot of things, the 500 Word Challenge, the Zero to Hero challenge, learning French, learning Cantonese on top of several priorities and I slipped up. I haven’t been able to keep up with a lot of them. Maybe I took on too much. Maybe I didn’t but I won’t know unless I push myself more to stay on track. And to that, I have to tell myself it’s okay. I slipped up but I can get back on track. I can’t expect myself to do things perfectly, that’s one of my most dangerous expectations.

I just have to keep at it.

Mistakes don’t define me. It’s what I do after that.


Zero to Hero!

So I’ve joined to the Zero-to-Hero 30 Day Blogging Challenge of WordPress. I’m planning to merge this with the My 500 Words. I am worried though…am I taking on too much?

And how do you put a badge on your blog and where do you place it?


Today’s Zero-to-Hero task: Introduce Yourself

I think my About Page does that best 🙂

My 500 Words Day 2 (For Me, I joined a day late)

I’ve done my 500 words for today. It’s a lot harder than it was yesterday. It’s hard to write something so mediocre after such a great start yesterday. Well, I wouldn’t call yesterday’s work great but it was a lot more comprehensive than I expected from continuous rambling. I saw a post on the Facebook group, expressing similar sentiments. It’s just nice to know that someone is sharing the same problem. It makes me feel more normal.

I can’t post today’s 500 words though. Some of it is pretty personal. Which is one of the things I was afraid would happen when I freewrite. Oh well, it was just nice to stick to the routine 🙂

My (First) 500 Words

Okay, so to formally announce that I’ve joined the My 500 Words, I’ve decided to publish my 1st 500-Word work. It’s pretty much rambling but it feels great to just cross the 500-word mark. Thank you to all who gave me tips on the facebook page, if you get to read this!

So this is my first post:

I’m tired and really sleep and have no idea what to write but I swore that my word for 2014 is commitment and so I’m gonna do this, I won’t let this day pass without a 500-word post. Published or unpublished.

So at first I thought this would be easy. I vaguely remembered a 500-word thing I had to do in high school or something. For a while, I stupidly thought that 500 words was equivalent to a single paragraph. Yes, I know pretty stupid. So I signed up without any hesitation. Oh how wrong I was of what to expect. How very wrong.

But I’m not regretting my choice. No, this is good for me as a writer. Discipline. That’s what I need. That’s why commitment is my word for this year. This is one little trial that would instill discipline in me which I would need to finish the year awesomely. I have a lot of big projects in mind. I’m graduating, finally going to start a business, (this one is much clearer than the one I planned before), and hopefully raise the money to go abroad and work abroad. Really big steps for someone like me who really loves sticking to my comfort zone. But here I am, ready to take on the challenge.

Okay so here I am at 200+ words. Not even close to 250. I complained of how difficult this is turning out to be on the Facebook group and surprisingly, there are so many people who have warm hearts and just willing to give advice. Not the usual cold shoulder posts I usually get. I mean, “seenzoned” posts. Yey, at 280 words!

Turns out I’ve committed to do a lot of stuff. I’ve committed to do this. I’ve committed myself to learning French, which is so far from any of the languages that I’m used to, especially the accent and god knows how “good” I am at languages but I’m learning it’s okay. I don’t need to answer more than one exercise a day. The difficulty level is also good for me. Another challenge. Another training. Heck, if I’m going to live abroad, embracing this difficulty level is just another step to keeping an open mind and adapting to a different culture, right? And by the way, I’m learning to speak French only because it was among the choices in the app and I pressed it by accident. Though I don’t mean any offense to French people but you have to admit, if you don’t grow up using that language, it’s pretty hard to learn. And yeah, so I pressed it by accident and the exercises for French loaded and I decided, “what the heck?” and pushed on with learning French. I’m also trying to learn Italian on top of that, which I can see is pretty confusing later on, I mean I’m predicting it would be since I’m learning French at the same time. I’m also trying to learn Cantonese but I haven’t found a good app for that so I’m not really motivated since I can’t form sentences in Cantanose. By the way, it’s a form of Chinese. It’s the language that’s used in Hong Kong.

HEY! What do you know, I just finished over 540 words!

Thank you to everyone who gave me tips (I mean if you ever get to read this) 🙂