Managing Emotions through 7 Cups of Tea

It’s easy to get blame someone for a situation, even when it was no one’s fault.¬†

That first line sounds illogical–and it is–but true.

I think because it’s easier to have something or someone to focus all your negative emotions on. In a time when humans do as they please with the world like we own it, it’s hard to think that we have no control over our lives.

Also, if there’s something or someone as the source of the problem, it keeps everything and everyone else clean. Then the solution would become easier. Get rid of the source. Cutting the source off from your life entirely is fast and easy because there are no other things to take into consideration. No opinions, no feelings.

Again it’s fast and easy. But it’s not the best solution. Ask the people living the most fulfilled lives. Life was never meant to be fast and easy. It would absolutely be no fun. No great story to tell the kids, the grand-kids. Uninspiring and not challenging. You don’t mold into a great person. You don’t take form.

If you have difficulty dealing with things, seek for help.

We’re living in an amazing time. Help has become much more accessible. The internet has broken barriers and is continuing to. I’m currently enjoying talking to listeners on 7 Cups of Tea and learning from¬†their Managing Emotions Guide. It’s an amazing platform to let people open up without fear of being judged.

If you know someone who you think needs help, get them on that site.