Just write.

This explains it:



In a nutshell, just write.

As of January 1, there’s the prospect of a new chapter in life, a business idea in mind and love is in the air. This is to an awesome start for 2014.


There’s definitely something different in writing with pen and paper.

It feels so comforting. Familiar. Like home.

Back to the Beginning

The beginning of when I fell in love with world of imagination was when my mom used to read me bedtime stories.

The beginning of when I developed the resolve to learn to read well was when my mom was assigned to the graveyard shift at work.

And that was the beginning of when I could read so well, well ahead of my class.

And then there came a time when I noticed that my classmates were already reading well. And that was the first time I was afraid that I wouldn’t be special anymore.

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Tim Burton’s Fashionable Halloween

Look dark and beautiful. For anyone who still hasn’t decided on a costume 🙂


The CITIZENS of FASHION wishes everybody a Happy fashionable Halloween!

Harper’s Bazaar October 2009 issue :

Photographer : Tim Walker

Editorial : Tim Burton’s Tricks & Treats

Models : Evelina Mambetova , Malgosia Bela , Sophie Srej

Celeb : Tim Burton

Fashion Editor/Stylist : Jacob K

Hair Stylist : Malcolm Edwards

Makeup Artist : Samantha Bryant

Set Designer : Shona Heath



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Taking the next leap

Which is…joining National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

Why? One sentence from the list of words of encouragement of previous participants hit me hard.

“What have you got to lose?”

And you know the answer, nothing. So whatever argument I, or anyone else, could come up with that would possibly throw me off from joining, it wouldn’t be a good enough reason to not take part because things can’t end up badly.

Nov 1, here I come.

HE LIFTS US UP: Thanks for Rescuing Me! (Psalm 30:1)


Well I have written several times that I pray for God to tell me what He wants me to write about on my blog. So, again, one night as I went to bed, I told the Lord that He would have to tell me because I did not know what to write about the next day. Well, at 3:01 am, I was suddenly woken up by a sound. I really don’t remember if it was a “knock, knock” or a “ring, ring” because I went back to sleep after I read my bible. You see, I know that it was God waking me up. I know that it was a scripture that correlated to that time… In fact, I knew that it was Psalms…I just did not know at that time what I would find…

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Domestic Violence Day 29: Victim Blaming

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

Victim-blaming  attitudes place the blame on the victim of a crime. Examples of victim-blaming in abusive relationships or rapes are: “She must have caused him to be abusive” or “she must have made him mad” or “she should not have worn that dress” or “she asked for it by getting drunk.” Victim-blaming attitudes criticize the victim and make it more difficult for them to come forward and report the crime.

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WordPress gave me hope and a suit of armor

I read this post, http://shannonathompson.com/2013/09/27/why-wordpress-is-so-important-to-me/ and thought that it’s time to give credit where credit is due.

I’ve been blogging a few years. Not sure how long. 3…4…5 years maybe? But during that time, I jumped from blogging platform to blogging platform then found WordPress.

And I’ve loved WordPress from Day 1. Thanks to the people behind this awesome platform, blogging has been a lot less lonely and a lot less difficult.

Before WordPress, I seriously started to doubt myself. I didn’t know what I was doing and I just felt lost in the sea of website addresses and had almost given up on writing. Every post published, every word of it that came after that was from sheer will and hope that somehow it was getting me somewhere, even though some part of me felt it was all useless. And that, at some point, what I thought was useless. That I wasn’t meant to change the world or touch at least one person with the written word.

I definitely can’t say that there’s any other blogging platform that truly understands the blogging community more than those working to make WordPress better. I’ve never seen so much support coming from developers.

The community has made me more confident in my blogging. I now see more value in my thoughts and ideas. The WordPress team has also armed me with more reasons to write, with more things to keep my brain going.

Though I’m not quite where I want to be as a blogger and writer, the WordPress community and Automattic has given me strength to keep on going.

My experience may be nowhere near to being an equivalent of Shannon Thompson’s but it just goes to show the extent of the effect that WordPress has.