I finally understand: The Church vs Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code

I finally understand the church’s stand.

Before, I felt the Church’s reason for banning The Da Vinci Code was deeply rooted in sexism.

Now, I know it’s not that. That was the view of a childish high school student who felt so mature enough to view such matters in an objective and thorough analysis. No, it’s much deeper than that.

Despite having read Angels and Demons, (its ending should have been enough to make me understand) I only fully realized it when pondering upon a talk I had with a friend. My thinking had definitely been influenced by the book, though I had not embraced every bit as truth (it’s clearly stated in the book that it’s fiction), and I had told him that I don’t really believe in what the Bible says because the Bible was written by human beings who are not perfect and so very prone to mistakes and bias. My friend’s response was, “If you don’t believe in the Bible, than what do you believe in?

Needless to say, my faith in the Bible is back with the recognition that the people who wrote it were not perfect but guided by God so instead of going in any extreme direction of embracing every bit completely or shunning the book, I’ve decided to accept it with an open mind.

Imagine if people were to believe in The Da Vinci Code that the Bible was created with hidden motives and intended to be skewed towards portraying one group as superior to another, if the Church were to not denounce Dan Brown‘s work as well as others that he used as references for his book…can you imagine the hell that would break loose?


2 thoughts on “I finally understand: The Church vs Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code

  1. It’s funny, I read The Da Vinci Code in sixth grade and finished before my parents told me about this. It wasn’t hard to see why the Church was against the book, but I took it all as fiction. Sure, there were facts included as well, as I have seen confirmed in documentaries. But it somehow amused me back then that they were worried so many people would question their faith. I don’t think people would easily believe everything they read. When Dan Brown’s newest book came out, I saw reactions on the news. I can’t really blame them, but sometimes I do think they overreact. I mean, it’s fiction.

    • The funniest reaction came from the MMDA Head. Calling Manila as “the gates to heaven”? I understand if he’s upset about the “gates-to-hell” thing but the heaven comment was just pure hipocrisy. Or ignorance. Either way, it makes sense why Manila has serious problems such as flooding, traffic, etc that should’ve been resolved long ago.

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