Paper Beats Rock. And Ebooks.

As much as I enjoy new technology, nothing can ever truly beat the feeling of paper. I also enjoy the feeling of pen and paper but, though I’m not sure how, I’ve favored torturing my keyboard over pressing a pen against paper. I think it’s the efficiency. I get my words out a lot faster this way than having to write it. My writing has never been able to effectively catch up with what’s in my head.

But there’s just something about paper that I just can’t give it up. I’m not sure what it is. That’s why I only resort to ebooks or pdf files when I can’t find a printed version of what I want to read.

Maybe because reading paper doesn’t give me much of a headache compared to staring at a computer screen for hours. Its effectiveness at ruining my eyesight is minuscule compared to a computer’s.

No, wait…

Printed things seem to emit a higher feeling of accomplishment, even if it’s not my own. One that I dream one day could be my own. I mean, I love blogging. It’s so much simpler than writing a book but becoming a published author would be something else.

And I think paper seems more…romantic, in a sense? Hmmm…reading a book on a daybed by a French window as I’m bathed in sunlight. *sigh* *dreamy look*


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