Fighting for ideals isn’t always noble.

A post inspired by another blogger’s post which can be found here:

(Hello, Ms Margaux N. I had meant to post this as a comment to your post but thought that it might be too long to be a comment. [I recall that I once made a very long comment regarding a school project only to have my groupmates not read it. You’re probably not at all like them, but nonetheless, again it is long. See, I can’t stop talking. Please excuse me.])

It always depends on how you fight and what exactly you’re standing for. It’s easy to confuse the righteous with the self-righteous and the selfish.

Wars are inhumane and unconstitutional, no matter what country or planet it takes place in. Wars rob life, opportunities and freedom.

Wars only trap countrymen to fight for ideals that aren’t their own. They end up fearing their country’s enemy, fearing their own neighbors and friends because they believe differently, then they fear the person they’re becoming or the possibility of changing into someone they don’t want to be. Then there’s their family that they have to worry about. The beliefs that are being put into their children’s heads, their safety.

And you can’t sanitize the idea of killing. And it isn’t a long-term solution either. No one wins with a kill. It just creates a deeper wound which is gonna be kept hidden until the scarred find a way to hit back. Harder.

Our world has gone through many wars. And yet we still have much to learn.


2 thoughts on “Fighting for ideals isn’t always noble.

  1. Thank you for your post; indeed too much pain is being caused and these days it’s too difficult to say who started it and why. Every body has there fair share of blood on their hands.

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